Over Ten Years of Experience
Our pools have been tested by thousands of families, throughout the world, every single day. That's right. We have been doing this for over ten years and have EZ Pools up and running on a daily basis throughout the world. As an internet-based company, we provide the very best pricing and options for a quality American made portable pool. As such, we have had families and professionals reach out to us from every continent on the planet. If you have not already ready our history you can do so here >>> Learn More about Our History >>

Hear from Our Customers Direct
Last year, Jake Holt reached out to us for a very large pool (32' x 52'). It was part of their summer running camp program. Over the course of a summer as many as 500 kids would be in and out of the pool. Here is in his own words.

JakeHolt for EZ Pools™ on Vimeo.

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Our roots and history are based on providing easy and affordable swimming pool solutions for customers in need a durable swimming pool. The truth is, building and owning a regular swimming pool is very expensive. But we have made it both easy and affordable. As a direct result, families all over the world have now been able to own and enjoy the health benefits of swimming because of EZ Pools.

There has also been growth in using an EZ Pool instead of a traditional in-ground pool. The cost of a comparable EZ Lap Pool (compared to a traditional concrete in-ground pool) is almost 10% the cost. And in so many ways, an EZ Pool is a much choice for a great many people. Some areas have high-water tables (meaning as they did down water starts to appear). These people cannot install an in-ground pool, so the use EZ Pools and build a deck up around it giving it that in-ground look and feel. Other examples are ground movement, permit restrictions or simply economics - whatever the reasons are, we have been the solution for thousands of customer throughout the world. We hope we can be yours too.

Simple click on the Year below to see examples of what our customers have done with their own EZ Pool. They provide pictures, testimonies and in some cases, even videos - showcasing their satisfaction with their EZ Pool purchase.

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