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Making a quality portable pool is extremely important to us. Which is why every portable lap pool we sell is Made Right Here in the United States. While many of our competitors have found it cheaper to do business in China, Brazil or other third world countries - we have found it to be less-expensive in the long run to keep production right here in the good ol' USA. There are many benefits to this advantage, such as: easier to keep track of quality, more reliable companies, and trustworthy vendors - which are an essential part of being a successful company in the United States. We have heard some real horror stories about competitors bringing in hundreds of pools from China that turned out to be bad - only to find out that the company that made them in China went out of business. That's scary.

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We also deal with some very well known and very reputable companies here in the United States. For example: we get our American made liner material through the Seaman Corporation. If you contact them, they will confirm that we are an approved buyer of their material. Now the value in this is consistency in quality. The Seaman Corp. makes liner material for some very important projects. If you peruse their website, you can see they have a long history of making very durable, very well-made, and very long lasting material. This material is why so many of our happy EZ Pool owners feel comfortable about placing their pool in their house, at a trade show, of a few feet away from where their small children play.

Portable Pool Frame
Another very important feature of an EZ Pool is the quality of steel we use. All our steel is made here in the USA as well. And not just any steel, but some of the finest, thickest and most well-protected steel available. The company that makes this steel is Allied Steel. Do your research and see for yourself that they are not only one of the few remaining companies in America making steel in the US, but they have been doing it for a very, very long time. So when they tell us that the steel frame on your pool can out last you and me - they have the experience to prove it. The US company we deal with, as the distributor of Allied's steel, is US Wholesale Pipe and Tube. And again, if you check with them, you will find us an approved buyer of their products.

There is another very important aspect of how we do business. When you buy an EZ Pool from us, you are buying a product that helps to support American companies, who employ American citizens, who pay taxes and support the US economy. After all, keeping your money here in the United States could go to save somebody's job - maybe even yours.

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