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We have been apart of some pretty amazing Olympic-sized lap pools all around the globe. The truth is, our portable lap pools are far less expensive than traditional in ground pools, and when it comes to swimming, our design is exactly what you are looking for.

Professional Lap Pools
When you consider what you need to provide a comfortable swimming environment, the type of pool really does not matter. What matters is that you are able to provide year round swimming for the least amount of money possible. For the average Swim Club to have their own 25 meter swimming pool, the costs start at over $250,000!! That is outrageous. And in our humble opinion, it is one of the main reasons why swimming is a season sport or (sadly) an ever-decreasing sport.

Our portable lap pools are starting to change that. The pool pictured her measure 10 meters x 25 meters x 1.5 meters deep (32' x 82' x 52"). That is equivalent to half an Olympic lap length and a very common practice sized pool. In addition, you do not sacrifice anything with our portable lap pools. We offer swimming lane markers, lane buoys, skimmers everything you need to make this pool the lap pool you need it to be.

Portable Olympic Pools
In addition, we are able to offer you something no other competition-type pool can offer you - it's portable!. What this means is you no longer have to buy the land you are placing the lap pool on. You do not have to waste any money on the ground at all.

This picture is a 28' wide x 25 meter portable lap pool we made for a small Swim Club in Rangley Colorado. They were using the local club pool, but it was being remodeled and would be shut down for almost a year. Rather than put their entire Swim Club on hiatus for a year, they bought one our professional lap pools, set it up on a high school tennis court and used the pool from March until September. They then donated the pool to another Swim Club. This could not be done by any other type of commercial lap pool!

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