A Great Swim Club Pool
From Dance Club to Swim Club!!

Aberdeen South Dakota is a small town. It has only one indoor 25 meter pool, which is run by the local YMCA. So when the Andrew family tried to create a swim club, they were unable to get any kind of quality daily swimming in the YMCA pool. But Peter and Tina Andrew were determined to pursue their dream. So Tina took to the internet and found us. Now we admit, this was our first commercial lap pool application. When she contacted us back in 2008, we had already been in business for 4 years selling portable lap pools to residents worldwide. But she called us, asked us some questions and realized it could work.

Tina and Peter purchased a run down building in town that had once been a dance club. They gutted the basement, gave us the measurements, and we made for them a custom portable lap pool to fit the entire basement floor (22' x 77'). The net result was a private swimming pool that they not only could use daily for their swim club, but could also rent out to others seeking year round swimming. As a direct result, their youngest son Micheal started breaking swimming records throughout the region. Go ahead "google" Micheal Andrew and see for yourself. You can also
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But the Andrew family was not done yet.

Perfect Olympic Lap Pool
In early 2011 the Andrew family sold their swim club and moved to Lawrence Kansas. They purchased a large piece of land and built a highly sophisticated competition swimming pool. And of course, they once again looked to us to make the pool. This time is was a pool designed strictly for Micheal to continue his practice and growth as a professional swimmer. It was a two Olympic lane (8' wide) 87' long portable lap pool. It had markings for both 25 yards and 25 meters. We can boldly say (and the Andrew family would agree), Micheal's ability to someday represent the United States in the Olympics would not be possible had it not been for their EZ Lap Pool.

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