Professional Lap Swimming
You Can Own Your Own Professional Lap Pool!!

Unless you are extremely wealthy, the likelihood of you being able to own your own indoor, heated, 25 meter lap pool is extremely remote. And yet, with a portable lap pool from EZ Lap Pools, that is exactly what we offer you. The chance to own your own professional lap pool.

You can convert any empty warehouse in a swim club. You do not have to buy it, just rent it. And if the rent gets too high, move to the another one - and take the pool with you. You see the problem with getting yourself into a custom built in ground swimming pool is your stuck. If you do not own the land, then year after year the landlord will raise your rent. But there is nothing you can do about it because the pool is a permanent addition to the building. But with a portable lap pool you can in fact, drain it, dismantle it, and move it to another building. You Own the Pool!!!

Lap Pools Indoors
And that is exactly what Mark Donati did in 2005. His son needed access to a year round heated swimming pool. One of his son's teammate's father worked for a company that had a huge empty warehouse that was not going to be used for several years. So Donati's swim club purchased two 12' x 82' lap pools from us, set them in the building and voile' - instant Swim Club. Everyday the swimming team would practice in the two pools.

Though this was several years before the Andrew family's first pool, it was not a Commercial Pool. It was merely a residential pool placed in a warehouse (it would not have met the permitting codes of Georgia). The pool was up for three years and then again, later donated to other swim clubs. The point being, they did not own the land or the building - But They Owned the Pools.

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Lap Swimming Anywhere
Here is another example of the value our portable lap pools offer you. Salvitore Cali is a professional swimmer. He loves swimming and he feels that swimming should be taught to everyone. He is from Venezuela and unfortunately swimming pools in that country are scarce or reserved for the very wealthy. In addition, nobody sells property in Caracas. So for him to realize his dream, he would have to "borrow" someone's land and place the pool there. So a portable lap pool was truly his only option.

Salivtore was able to convince local wealthy families the importance of teaching swimming to the masses. His passionate plea for help was so compelling, that almost his entire project was funded by donations. And for almost two years now, they have been teaching poor children how to swim. Though we have lost touch with Salvitore (because of recent events going on there now), we are sure their pool is saving lives.

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