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The Challenge of Heating a Swimming Pool

This has been the challenge for many families and the truth is, heating a swimming pool is possibly the most wasteful and environmentally harmful function related to owning a swimming pool. The fact is, most heaters are designed for considerably larger swimming pools that waste almost 100% of their heat. But we have several suggestions that can help you heat your pool - and be environmentally conscience at the same time.

Go Black!!…or Dark Blue.

Dark colors are known to absorb the sun's light. The darker the surface, the hotter it becomes. This absorbance can actually translate into free heat. If you have an area, where you want to place the pool, that is going to be in direct contact of constant daily sunlight - then consider choosing a dark color like black or dark blue. Even if you only have the walls black, you can still have a white sleeve (so it is cool to touch) and a white floor so the water is not so dark.
"Yeah, but does it really work?"

Black Portable Pool
The pool you see pictured here is a 12' x 17' in Colorado. As you probably know, Colorado can get some pretty harsh and long winters. This couple elected to make the pool walls black because their piece of land gets 180º of direct sunlight during the day (when it is not snowing of course).

As a result of this smart decision on the customer's part, their pool actually thaws out and warms up almost a full month before any of their neighbors. So yes, it really does work.

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Portable Pool Heated
Solar Covers Do Work…but Not Alone.

It is very true that a solar cover will heat the water, but only if you have direct sunlight. If it is cloudy, then the solar cover cannot heat your pool. But, it can still save you money. A solar cover floating on the water's edge also insulates the surface preventing the heat from escaping.

This is the single largest waste of heating a pool. Customers do not cover the pool, so the heat escapes right out the top. If you are interested in heating your pool, then we highly recommend using a solar cover to take advantage of sun during the early spring and late fall months - but also to keep the heat in the pool as well.

Portable Pool Heater
EZSun® Solar Heating

With all this talk of solar power, you would think you could at least heat a swimming pool with solar power…well you can, kinda. The suggestion above does take advantage of the availability of sunlight. But it requires that the pool be in contact with the sun for long periods of time. Many homes have yards overgrown with trees, or the sun is blocked by the house.

In this case, we offer you the EZSun® Solar heating system. It is a simple device that can be mounted on top of your home's roof or anywhere where there will be direct sunlight for long periods of time.

It hooks up to your existing pump and filter and the water going in can be as cold as 50º and come out as warm as 80º with the presence of direct sunlight. This is an excellent heating solution that requires nothing more than the purchase of it. It cost nothing to operate, other than what you would pay for running the pump anyway. And if you use it with a solar cover, the heat won't get lost at night.

Gas and Electric Still Available

When all else fails, we still offer you the option of gas (natural or propane) and electric heating options as well. Electric works fine with our smaller pools. And gas is available for the larger ones. So whatever your heating needs are, we are able to provide you with the most energy-effecient pool package possible.