Lap Pool House
Yes Our Pools Can be Indoors

It is a common question we get about our portable pools. Though it is true, when families think about a portable swimming pool, they consider it for outdoor fun during the summertime.

But swimming is also one of the very best exercises there is. Low impact on the body, and a great circulatory workout. So these people, placing one of our lap pools inside means they can use the pool year round - regardless of the outside weather.

Lap Pool Indoor
That was the case with the Wolansky family of Washington state. Their entire family are swimmers, so for them, a swimming pool needed to be more than just outdoor fun. So they went about a designed their pool house and placed one of our pools inside.

"The idea was to build a really nice pool house." Explained Mark. "That way when and if we ever decide to sell our property, the new buyer could either buy the pool house with the pool, or convert it to be really nice guest house." Now that is forward thinking.

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Portable Pool Enclosure
Sometimes Mother Nature Doesn't Want to Cooperate

The Travis family live in Louisiana. They have always had a swimming pool. But when hurricane Katrina came and wiped out their property - the insurance company would not cover the expense of a new pool house or pool. So the Travis started doing some research online - and found us.

What they'd elided to do was buy one of our pools and build a simple inexpensive enclosure around it. Because our pools are so durable and stable, they attached 1" PVC pipes to each end of the pool's width, arching the pipe over the pool. They then layered clear plastic over the PVC frame structure. The net results was a completely enclosed lap pool for pennies on the dollar.

Enclosed Lap Pool
"The idea was really my wife's." Explained Doug. "The dome keeps it clean, we can use it when it rains and because of the greenhouse effect, it stays warmer too." And, Doug went on to point out, that if they ever get hit again with a hurricane, it would be a whole lot cheaper and easier to replace.

As a follow up, we contacted them a year later, to see how the pool was doing. Doug pointed out that his 12' x 77' was only costing him $35 to maintain! "I put the pumps on a timer with floating chlorinator and that's it."

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Portable Pool Building
One Good Idea Begets Another Good Idea

Colorado doesn't get hurricanes, but man do they get snow. The McCalpin had dreamed about extending their house to include an indoor pool they can use for health reasons as they got older. "Colorado is a great place to live." Pointed out James. "But the cold is not easy on an aging body." So they figured swimming laps daily in warm water would help them stay in the state they have loved all their life.

When they got the final quote to build their dream house extension, they a lost cried. The total cost was almost as much as the the whole house had cost them to build. But determined to find a way, James took to the internet and found us - and read Doug Travis' story.

05-JUN-2012 2
However, as much of a great idea Travis' PVC dome was, it would not withstand the tremendous snow fall they get in Colorado. But the concept was the same. They went about building a domed portable building that did use reinforced clear plastic for the covering. The net result was a pool house that did not rob them of their savings.

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After snowstorm of Nov 23 2013
The truth is, our American made portable pools are so well made, it doesn't matter if you put them on the ground or in the ground, outdoors or indoors, make them permanent or something temporary. Whatever your swimming pool needs are, our portable lap pools can help make your dream a reality.

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