Do You Really Need a Long Lap Pool to Swim Laps?


Portable Swimming
Swim 25 Meters in a 12' Long Pool?

We have developed an easy and affordable swimming treadmill that comfortably holds you in the center of the the pool and allows you to swim any stroke, any speed, any style and any combination of strokes - without ever hitting the side, stopping to change equipment and without it costing you anything. In fact, it is so simple, we end up taking a little kidding from our customers when they first get. but they always come back with the same statement, "Wow! It really works!"

This is Not a Current Generator
Swim spas and the other various types of current generators, use very expensive water current generators to swim against. These can be very expensive to purchase and to operate.

Our swimmer's treadmill is a comfortable harness that fits around your waist. It then attaches to the edge of the pool you will be swimming away from. At that's it. It holds you in place, does not interfere with any of your swimming strokes or kicking movements. Just swim until you get tired.

Swimming in Place
Ours is Better than More Expensive Current Generators
When you swim in a swim spa, your are swimming against a current of water. Sort of like swimming upstream. However, if you have a weak arm the water force starts to push you in the direction of the weaker arm - until you are pushed against the side of the spa.

When you swim in place with our swimmer's treadmill, you are not pushed or forced in either direction. You continue to remain in the center of the pool regardless of whether you have a weak arm or not.

In addition, with our swimmer's treadmill, you do not have to stop to adjust anything if you want to slow down or speed up. So not only can swim any stroke at any speed you want, you can vary up the swimming style in mid-stroke. From freestyle to back stroke. From Butterfly to breast stroke. It is that versatile.

Do you really need a long lap pool to swim?

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